About us | Baolong Electronic Group Co.,Ltd, Founded in1986
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About us

  Who Are We

Baolong company established in 1986, is a world’s leading micro motors manufacturer located at Wenzhou Zhejiang China. We are specialized in manufacturing mini vibration motors and offer vibration solutions and drive solutions for terminal production, such as mobile phones, wearable devices, beauty apparatus, medical products, Electric toothbrush, etc.
In 1995, we passed ISO9001 certification. So we have run ISO for more than 20 years. In the same year, we have won the honor of “Zhejiang Top 100 Patent Enterprises” due to our outstanding performance in patients.
In 2007, Baolong Electronic Group passed ISO14001 and OHSAS18001.
In the year of 2012, we have won the honor of “China’s Top 100 Electronic component Companies” which is the highest honor for China’s electronics companies.
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  Why Us

Baolong Electronic has established perfect quality, environment, hazardous substances and occupational health management system and has passed ISO9001, ISO14001 and OHSAS18001 certification. Strong research and development capability and excellent producing technology have created the high-quality brand. From year to year provide the first-class stock product and the high-quality service for the customer.

Environment-friendly Products

Environment-friendly Product means that company’s products comply with standards such as RoHS, REACH and contain no halogen and other hazardous substances and also passed ISO 14001 Environment Management System Certification, performing its commitments to protecting the environment.

Environment-friendly Product management of the company consists of three aspects:

1.Equipment guarantee
The company has professional test equipment XRF which can prevent hazardous substances from getting into production procedures by inspecting each lot of materials.

2.Procedure guarantee
The company has set up standard procedures on how to develop Environment-friendly suppliers, how to control procedures and how to determine Environment-friendly management standards for customers to make sure that all products contain no hazardous substances.

3.Personnel guarantee
Environment-friendly management is implemented by those skilful employees who have received professional training for managing hazardous materials, they are the solid basis to secure company’s capacity for Environment-friendly management.

Reach Rohs Declaration - About us
Reach & Rohs Declaration

Research & Development

1.Well basic conditions for research, development and experiment.

The company has special centers for inspection and test, which are equipped with full sets of testing equipments for tests on special property, structural strength, vibration magnitude and noise, environmental test devices (high/low temperature, damp & hot, high/low temperature circulation), test devices for reliability such as vibration test stands, life test beds, beds for drop test, test beds for slight drop, roller type test beds. All these equipments and test methods have reached domestic leading level and geared to international standards.

2.Strong capability for independent research and development and industrial cooperation basis.

After years of development, the company has been in leading position in R&D among enterprises of same business and has developed over 50 new types of vibration motors every year and provides customized service. It attaches great importance to cooperation with domestic colleges and universities as well as research institutions for motors to improve capabilities of independent research and innovation. So far, the company has obtained over 10 motor patents. (1 invention, over 10 utility models)

3.R&D Team

The company has a large number of professional R&D personnel led by senior employees with rich practical experience, ensuring technological support for vibration motor research, development and production. Excellent graduates from colleges and universities have been recruited for their solid knowledge, flexible and innovative way of thought and cultivated as innovative talents and technical backbones for the future.

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  Who We Serve

We have more than 30 years of experience in communication field. Our vibration motors are sold all over the world at a rate of 130 million per year. Our customers include medical, technology, toys, game machines, mobile phones, fashion and other fields and many customers are the leaders in their area.