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Adding Connectors To Motors

 About The Service

The use of connectors eliminates manual welding and is very suitable for automated production. Adding connectors is the most common customized service. And we will not charge any extra service charge for this customized service. Generally speaking, the connectors can be added to any of our lead-wire type motors. Pls choose any of the following options:
connectors - Adding Connectors To Motors

 Use One Of Our Standard Connectors

We can provide our lead-wire type vibration motors together with the connector types given below. The maximum cable length we could offer is 150 mm. Please be aware that we can’t provide you with all the breeding PCB mounted socket for all these connectors. Please get in touch with the connector supplier or their regional distributor.

MOLEX - Adding Connectors To Motors
ACES 50276-002 
ACES MOLEX - Adding Connectors To Motors
SMK - Adding Connectors To Motors
SMK CFX3302-0201
AVX - Adding Connectors To Motors
AVX-ELCO 8005/8015
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 Supply Us With Your Connectors

Since we don’t attach connectors in our side, you can provide us with a cable which has your connector mounted. This cable assembly could be provided to us from the connector manufacturer or by a cable assembly builder of your choice. If the engine is a cylindrical motor along with the cable passes through its end cap, then the cable can’t have an external diameter bigger than we’re presently employing.


Drawings for cable assemblies have to be routed to us for acceptance. Once accepted, you have to send us samples and samples of the PCB side of this connector that is utilized to make test jigs to check the engine assemblies during mass manufacturing.

 Add The Connectors Yourself

When installing your connectors in our motors, please take notice of this cable gauge (usually AWG 30 or 32) and also make sure it could be employed with your adapter. For straight motors, we cannot provide a bigger diameter cable than is presently utilized as it won’t pass through the holes at the back of the motors vinyl end cap. We can provide any one of our coin vibration engines with no cables thereby helping you to broadcast your cable assembly right into the motors PCB pads.