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Eccentric Rotating Mass Vibration Motor -ERM

  Eccentric Rotating Mass Vibration Motor

The eccentric rotating mass vibration motor is just one of the most usual types of haptic actuators. Since the late 1990’s, numerous game controllers, cell phones, and also sex toys have actually integrated this actuator into their units to create vibrotactile impacts. Though multiple of the preliminary applications of ERM electric motors were very straightforward, current developments have allowed hardware developers to develop rich and diverse haptic effects using the modern technology.


The ERM vibration motors also compose our main product lines and have been our core business since Baolong Electronic Group was founded. In recent years, with the appeal of linear resonant actuators, sales of our ERM electric motors have additionally declined, but today EMR electric motors also make up more than 85 percent of our overall sales.

eccentric rotating mass vibration motor - Eccentric Rotating Mass Vibration Motor -ERM

  What Is An Eccentric Rotating Mass Vibration Motor?

An eccentric rotating mass motor acts like a standard DC electric motor— it transforms the flow of electrical current right into a mechanical pressure that turns the motor. Unlike a lot of DC motors, the ERM motor additionally has an off-center mass. Due to the fact that the turning of the off-center mass produces an asymmetric centripetal force, a non-zero centrifugal force is produced when the motor turns. As long as the motor runs at a high variety of turnings each minute, the constant variation of the pressure generates a perceivable side vibration.

ERM vibration motor - Eccentric Rotating Mass Vibration Motor -ERM
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  Advantages Of ERM Vibration Motors

The key benefit of making use of an ERM motor as an actuator is its simpleness: driving the electric motor requires giving power with a DC source efficient in supplying a voltage within the electric motor’s defined variety. It is necessary to keep in mind that the regularity, as well as amplitude of resonance, are both depending on the voltage supplied to the motor: the regularity enhances proportionally with the voltage, and also the amplitude increases as a square of the voltage. The current draw of the electric motor will certainly be proportional to the torque load produced by the rotation of the eccentric mass. Generally, our motor rated voltage is 3V, and the speed can reach more than 12000 rpm.

In addition, compared to linear resonnant actuator, Eccentric Rotating Mass Vibration Motor is more Cost-Effecitve. 95% of the mobile phones that can be seen on the market use ERM motors.

  Types of ERM motor

According to the internal structure of the motor, we habitually divide the ERM vibration motor into three categories:  Coin Vibration Motors(also called flat vibration motor), SMD Reflow Solderable Vibration Motors and Cylinder Coreless Motors.

Coin Vibration Motors BVM0824TH02 U - Eccentric Rotating Mass Vibration Motor -ERM

Coin Vibration Motors are the most popular vibration motor in these years due to their small size and enclosed vibration mechanism. This Motor is widely used in Mobile phones and wearable devices which size are generally in Ø7mm – Ø12mm diameters.

SMD Reflow Vibration Motors BLT 5513C - Eccentric Rotating Mass Vibration Motor -ERM

SMD surface mount vibration motor has the following main advantages:

  • The size of the motor saves space;
  • The smallest size we can achieve is 3.7*2.7mm ;
  • The motor can be directly soldered to the PCB board, which is suitable for automated production
Cylindrical Vibration Motors BL4I2J6 X10E 1 - Eccentric Rotating Mass Vibration Motor -ERM

The cylinder coreless vibrating motor belongs to DC, permanent magnet, micro motors. In the structure, it breaks through the rotor structure of the traditional motor and uses a coreless rotor. This novel rotor structure completely eliminates the loss caused by the eddy current.

  How To Drive Erm Motor More Efficiently

Usually, a transistor or Darlington set will certainly be used to drive the electric motor from a microcontroller or processing system that can not provide enough current to drive the motor straight from its pins. For even more control, an H-bridge from transistors or MOSFET’s could be utilized to swiftly turn around the polarity of the electric motor and decrease its quit time by giving a “braking” voltage in the opposite instructions of the driving voltage for a brief period of time. Pulse-width modulation (PWM) enables rough control over the regarded intensity of the vibration when driving the electric motor using a transistor or H-bridge circuit. Now, much more complicated driver chips with advanced auto-braking as well as start-stop optimization offer a simplified interface to drive and regulate the strength of resonance. The DRV2605 from Texas Instruments is an example of a current chip capable of producing thousands of built-in haptic effects from the Immersion Company while additionally supplying more accurate PWM-based strength control than a common H-bridge driver chip. Eccentric rotating mass electric motors enable fast assimilation of haptic results into practically any kind of consumer tool, and the technology has come to be much more beneficial with the growth of advanced chauffeur chips as well as ready-made haptic results.

drv2605 - Eccentric Rotating Mass Vibration Motor -ERM
drv 2605 - Eccentric Rotating Mass Vibration Motor -ERM