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Pager Motor

  Pager Motor

Pager Motor is just another name for the vibration motor that was initially utilized in the Motorola Pager but today usually used in mobile phones, electric toothbrushes, and wearable devices for vibration alert notifications and haptic feedback. Pager Motor was invented in the 1960s for massaging products. At that time, it was not industrialized as the usage amount of vibration motor was small. After the 1980s, with the rise of pagers, the function of the vibration motor was more as alert notifications.

We’ve got a seasoned and energetic R & D team which could deal with complex customer requirements and market fluctuations. With years of growth, we’ve set up over 20 product lines, covering virtually all kinds of Pager motor available on the industry. You may view our pager motor list in the product catalog . If you can not find the motor you want or have a specific requirement for your pager motors, then please don’t hesitate to contact us here. All of your queries will be replied within one day.

P4 small vibrating motors BL4I2J6 X10E - Pager Motor
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  Type Of  Pager Motor

Ccording to the inner arrangement of the engine, we routinely divide the Pager motors into four groups: Coin Pager Motors, SMD Pager Motors, Linear Resonant Actuators — LRA’s, along with Cylinder Pager Motors.

You may click the image below for the particulars of the motors. We detailed the specifications, images, datasheet etc of each engine.

Coin Vibration Motors BVM0824TH02 U - Pager Motor

Coin Pager Motors will be the most popular vibration engine in these years because of their small dimensions and enclosed vibration mechanics. This Motor is broadly utilized in Mobile phones and wearable apparatus that size is usually in Ø7mm — Ø12mm diameters.

SMD Reflow Vibration Motors BLT 5513C - Pager Motor

SMD vibrating pager motors have two main advantages. First, the small size of this motor saves space. The smallest size we can attain is 3.7*2.7mm. The second is that the motor could be directly soldered to the PCB board, that is suitable for automatic production.

Mini Vibration Motors lra BLM0832 FP78 U. - Pager Motor

With the gain in customers’ requirements for visual feedback, linear resonant actuators are becoming increasingly more popular. A linear resonant actuator includes a moving mass attached to a wave spring, which makes a force when driven. Linear vibration engine has faster speed…

Cylindrical Vibration Motors BL4I2J6 X10E 1 - Pager Motor

The cylindrical motor is a classic pager motor. It can be said that all the pagers you can see are all such motors. Compared with other motors, the price is competitive, and the vibration of the motor is very strong. The only drawback is that its size is relatively large.

  Pager Motors Application

We will introduce a few special applications for pager motors. If you want to know more applications, please click on our product guide.

Wireless Calling System

Reaching waiting guests, customers or patients has never been simple with the assistance of any of the modern, durable equipment. This paging system could get customers out of the trouble of defending their place in a long line. I believe that you have used this equipment in the restaurant. When it is your turn, this pager will vibrate.

Pager motor - Pager Motor
pager motors - Pager Motor


The pager motors are also very common in the interphone. The pager motor can also provide stable vibration in the temperature environment of -40-70, which makes it the best choice for the vibration module of the interphone.