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Vibration Motor – Product Guide

  Vibration Motor

You are on the right page if you are looking for a vibration motor with reinforced connection wires that shakes crazily but runs methodically.

The vibration motor is a kind of micro motors, which is generally used in mobile phones, electric toothbrushes, and wearable devices for vibration alert notifications and haptic feedback. Vibration motor was invented in the 1960s for massaging products. At that time, it was not industrialized as the usage amount of vibration motor was small. After the 1980s, with the rise of pagers and mobile phone industry, the function of the vibration motor was more as haptic feedback and alert notifications.

Baolong company specializes in the design, development, and production of vibration motors. We have an experienced and dynamic Research and Development team that complies with complex customer needs and copes with market changes. With years of development, we have set up more than 20 product lines, covering almost all types of vibration motors on the market. You can browse our motors in the product catalog. If you can’t find exactly what you need for, please feel free to contact us here. We will immediately attend to your queries.

P3 tiny vibrating motor BL4I2J8 PFB - Vibration Motor - Product Guide
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  Types Of Vibration Motor

According to the internal structure of the motor, we habitually divide the vibration motor into four categories:  Coin Vibration Motors(also called flat vibration motor), SMD Reflow Solderable Vibration Motors, Linear Resonant Actuators – LRA’s, and Cylinder Coreless Motors.

You can click on the picture below for the details of the motors. We detailed the specifications, pictures and datasheet of each motor. We recommend that you choose the motor according to the size first because the performance parameters and connection modes are adjustable but the size is generally fixed.

Coin Vibration Motors BVM0824TH02 U - Vibration Motor - Product Guide

Coin Vibration Motors are the most popular vibration motor in these years due to their small size and enclosed vibration mechanism. This Motor is widely used in Mobile phones and wearable devices which size are generally in Ø7mm – Ø12mm diameters.

SMD Reflow Vibration Motors BLT 5513C - Vibration Motor - Product Guide

SMD surface mount vibration motor has the following main advantages:

  • The size of the motor saves space;
  • The smallest size we can achieve is 3.7*2.7mm ;
  • The motor can be directly soldered to the PCB board, which is suitable for automated production
Mini Vibration Motors lra BLM0832 FP78 U. - Vibration Motor - Product Guide

With the increase in consumers’ requirements for tactile feedback, linear resonant actuators have become more and more popular. A linear resonant actuator contains a moving mass attached to a wave spring, which creates a force when driven.Linear vibration motor has faster acceleration…..

Cylindrical Vibration Motors BL4I2J6 X10E 1 - Vibration Motor - Product Guide

The cylinder coreless vibrating motor belongs to DC, permanent magnet, micro motors. In the structure, it breaks through the rotor structure of the traditional motor and uses a coreless rotor. This novel rotor structure completely eliminates the loss caused by the eddy current.

qd - Vibration Motor - Product Guide

Swing reciprocating brushless motor, motor shaft directly output reciprocating swing, there is no transmission mechanism between swing shaft and motor. Compared with the traditional scheme which the swing mechanism is driven by the rotating motor, the motor has the advantages of high ……

  Vibration Motor Applications And Examples

The application of vibration motor is more and more extensive because of people’s innovative ideas. And it is difficult for us to list them all here! To help, we have discussed some of our most popular applications over the years below.

Mobile phones are the most widely used areas of vibration motors. At first, the vibrating motors were only used as a vibration alert function in mobile phones. With the popularity of smartphones, vibrating motors play a more critical role in mobile phones — providing user tactile feedback. The vibration motor is also becoming a necessary component of the mobile phone. At present, the most popular mobile phone vibration motor is coin vibration motor due to their small size and enclosed vibration mechanism.

phone Vibration motors 1 - Vibration Motor - Product Guide
timg - Vibration Motor - Product Guide

Vibration Alerting For Wearables Devices

Smart wearable devices are a new area that has become popular in recent years. All technology companies including Apple, Microsoft, Google, Huawei, and Xiaomi have all developed their smartwatches or smart wristbands. With the development of science and technology, smart wearable devices cannot only count steps, display time, but also answer calls, send and receive text messages, and display heart rate. To some extent, it is a simplified smartphone. Many experts predict that smartwatches will ultimately replace traditional watches in the future.

Haptic Feedback For Game Handle And VR Glove

Vibration motors are widely used in game handles and VR gloves. You can find it in game handles like  Switch, PSP, Xbox and VR gloves like HTC Vive and OCULUS. With the development of VR industry, VR will become one of the main markets of vibration motors in the future.

vibration motor - Vibration Motor - Product Guide
E Toothbrush - Vibration Motor - Product Guide

Ultrasonic Vibration For Electric Toothbrushes

Electric toothbrushes produce ultrasonic vibrations by vibrating motors to clean teeth. Generally speaking, electric toothbrushes will use two types of motors according to their type. The first is the disposable electric toothbrush like Oral-b’s electric toothbrushes for children. They use φ6 series cylinder motor as they don’t need a vibration motor with a long lifetime. The other is the Ultrasonic vibration toothbrush,they will use BLDC motor for vibration.