Coin Vibration Motor | Flat Motor | Pancake Vibration Motor By Baolong
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Coin Vibration Motor

  Coin Vibration Motor

Coin vibration Motor (also be called as flat vibration motor or pancake vibration motor) is a type of ERM Motors. Different from Cylinder Coreless Motors, the thickness of Coin Vibration Motor is much smaller (the thickness is usually in 2mm-3mm) which makes it looks like a coin. And that’ s the reason why people call it as coin vibration motor in general.
Unlike the cylindrical motor, the eccentric weight of the coin motor is located in the shell, which significantly reduces the thickness and provides a stronger closure to the motor. That’s why coin motor is so prevalent in Mobile and Handset fields.

Baolong Electronic Group is a leading China coin vibration motor manufacturer with over 32 years of design and manufacturing experience. We produce over 100 million per year coin vibration motors for some of the largest companies in the world. Besides, we are the first enterprise in the industry to develop 0720 and 0827 series motors successfully. Compare to competitors, our 0827 and 0720 series motors have better vibration performance(About 30% ) and longer lifetime. This is the reason that we become the biggest supplier of Xiaomi bracelet(world’s best selling smart band).

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   Several Hot Selling Coin Vibration Motor

We will focus on several hot selling coin motors here. You can view the specifications and datasheet of the motors by clicking on the picture below. Of course, if you want to learn more about pancake vibration motors, you can also view our product catalogue here.

BVM0720 X8 0SU - Coin Vibration Motor

0720 series motor is the world’s smallest Brush ERM motor. It is highly recommended for wearable devices.

  • Size.: φ7*2 mm
  • Voltage:  3 V
  • Rated Speed:8000rpm Min
P1 coin vibration motors BVM0820 X8 03U Z - Coin Vibration Motor

0820 series motor is also highly recommended for wearable devices. The price is competitive compare to 0720 series motor.

  • Size.: φ8*2 mm
  • Voltage:  3 V
  • Rated Speed:10000rpm Min
BVM0827HT1 FP15 U MF - Coin Vibration Motor

0827 series motor is widely used in wearables and mobile phones. They can provide over 1G G-force.

  • Size.: φ8*2.7mm
  • Voltage:  3 V
  • Rated Speed:15000+-3000rpm
P1 coin vibration motors BVM0834 X25 0TU MF - Coin Vibration Motor

Our 0834 series coin motor vibrates stronger than 0827 series motor but also more costly.

  • Size.: φ8*3.4 mm
  • Voltage:  3 V
  • Rated Speed:13500+-3500rpm
P3 coin vibration motors BVM1020 X6 1RU - Coin Vibration Motor

1020 series motor is thinnest motor in 10mm diameter. It vibrates stronger than 0827 series.

  • Size.: φ10*2mm
  • Voltage:  3 V
  • Rated Speed:13000+-3500rpm
P1 coin vibration motors BVM1027 X10 1B02U B - Coin Vibration Motor

1027 series motor is the most most cost-effective coin vibrationm motor. Highly recommended for using in the phone.

  • Size.: φ10*2mm
  • Voltage:  3 V
  • Rated Speed:13000+-3500rpm

 Applications Of Coin Vibration Motor

Because of their little size and enclosed vibration system, coin vibrating motors certainly are an excellent choice for variours of applications such as:

  • Cell Phones
  • Wearables
  • Medical applications
  • Portable instruments
Coin vibration motor - Coin Vibration Motor

  Leads & Connectors

Each type of motor can provide various ways of contact for you to choose from. We can provide you with wire type, connector type, Fpc type. And for some particular motor, we can also provide spring type for your choice.

Coin vibraiton mtoros 1 - Coin Vibration Motor
Coin vibraiton mtoros 3 - Coin Vibration Motor
Coin vibraiton mtoros 4 - Coin Vibration Motor
 Flexible Print Circuit
Coin vibraiton mtoros 2 - Coin Vibration Motor