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Driving vibration motor

  Vibration Motor

Swing reciprocating brushless motor, motor shaft directly output reciprocating swing, there is no transmission mechanism between swing shaft and motor. Compared with the traditional scheme which the swing mechanism is driven by the rotating motor, the motor has the advantages of high efficiency, low noise, small volume and so on.
qd170 - Driving vibration motor
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  Type Of Vibration Motor

The motor directly adopts bipolar square wave signal to drive the shaft to produce reciprocating rotating swing, so as to drive the executive element to work, which can be applied to the scene that needs to swing, such as driving the toothbrush head of the electric toothbrush to swing, driving the massage head of the massager to work, and so on. The motor belongs to brushless motor and has the advantage of long life. The motor adopts rolling bearing and has the advantage of low noise.

You can click on the picture blow for the details of the motors. We detailed the specifications, pictures, datasheet and so on of each motor. And we recommend that you choose the motor according to the size first. Because the performance parameters and connection modes can be adjusted, but the size is generally fixed.

Driving vibration motor

  • Model: BLTB15-X21
  • Size.: 15*13.5*35.7mm
  • Voltage:DC 3.6DV
  • Torque(gf.cm MIN):160

Driving vibration motor

  • Model: BLTB18-X15
  • Size.: 18.4*13.5*38.3mm
  • Voltage: DC 3.6V
  • Torque(gf.cm MIN):280

  Driving Vibration Motor Applications And Examples

The application of driving vibration motor is more and more extensive because of people’s innovative ideas. And it is difficult for us to list them all here! To help, we have discussed some of our most popular applications over the years below.

E Toothbrush - Driving vibration motor

Ultrasonic Vibration For Electric toothbrushes

Electric toothbrushes produce ultrasonic vibrations by vibrating motors to clean teeth. Generally speaking, electric toothbrushes will use two types of motors according to their type. The first is the disposable electric toothbrush like Oral-b’s electric toothbrushes for children. They use φ6 series cylinder motor as they don’t need a vibration motor with a long lifetime. The other is the Ultrasonic vibration toothbrush,they will use BLDC motor for vibration.